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    1207 & 1211 N. Lee, 613 Lila, and 1110 N. Willard

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    Altus, OK 73521

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    Altus, OK 73521

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    Scott Neighbors


    Originating in Altus, OK starting in his teens up through his adult life Scott had 24 years of alcohol and heavy drug abuse. 2006 was the first time Scott went to Norman Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center and did well for a little while. He did not attend any 12 step meetings or go to live in a sober house. Having no support with his new sobriety he quickly fell back into his criminal lifestyle that fed his addiction. After being arrested 19 times, 2008 was Scott's last attempt at rehab and the one that saved his life. He went to live in a sober living house in Oklahoma City with nothing to his name except the clothes on his back and a brown paper bag. He started attending 12 step programs and got a sponsor who understood where he had been throughout his life. Everything turned around for Scott. Several years later when Scott moved back to Altus, he started working at a local drug addiction center and saw the need in this area for sober living houses. He opened up the first one and has seen many lives changed since. He himself has opened several houses and helped get them started throughout Oklahoma.

    Scott says "I believe God helped me through my situations to get me where I am today so I could helps other alcohol and drug addicted people have a new life."


    People we work with to change lives

    -Community Sentencing

    -DUI Court

    -Drug Court

    -Mental Health Court

    -Probation and Parole

    -DOC (leg monitor approved housing)

    -DHS approved

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    *Also worked with Federal Probation

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